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VR Porn!

So they say, where Porn goes, technology follows, and while people have been joking and theorizing about 3D full-motion, interactive porn for a while, it sounds like the threshhold into real virtual-reality porn is about to be broken. People with real money and a vested interest in the porn industry are stepping into the world of VR porn, not as an experiment, but as a viable business, especially since the waning interest in still pictures and paying for video has been replaced by free clips on the internet, VR would seem to be the place pornographers could begin to make money, and fill the need for ever-growing interest in not just seeing, but experiencing porn.


3D Porn!

As with the utter failure of traditional 3D TVs, the attempt to make 3D pornography the Way Of The Future is also a failure, a dismal, regrettable attempt to use futuristic technology to improve the industry. The best quote, which sums it up: "the things that can come at you are the things that a male viewer does not want coming at them." Well, what about the women? All the fun of getting sprayed by sperm without the messy cleanup - what's not to like? But, like non-porn 3D, requring a bunch of high-tech equipment to make it work is the downfall of 3D porn as well. Why would they think a format that requires a special TV would counteract the free porn glut on the internet?


Anaglyph Porn!

Everything's 3D these days - Toy Story, Avatar, Nicholas Cage, and even online pornography. A couple months ago Maxim did a 3d photospread, but it just made my eyes hurt; I can't imagine blue-red anaglyph video would be any better. Hell, after a while my eyes can't focus on regular porn anyway, how is this going to be any better? All you're asking for is a two-foot long penis thrusting out of your TV at you, and that's an LSD flashback I'd like to avoid.