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Betel Nut Girls!

As with all things sexual in the Far East, politicians are ineffectively denouncing the lewd practicies. The new one is about Betel Nut Girls - they've been told to cover up.

Binlang, from what I can gather, is a legal 'drug' (inasmuch caffeine and nicotine are) derived from the betel tree nut. Bin Lang is happily marketed on streetcorners by a Oriental version of the cigarette girl. Scantily clad young women stand on the street, selling betel nuts to whomever happens by -- they are the Betel But Girls!

However, they're being told to cover up -- but not because of problems with the women's bodies. They're worried about car accidents. Remember, Taiwan is a place where almost 80% of the population would support a prostituion-OK district on the island after officials cut back on the formerly legal prostitution trade. Living in the U.S., it doesn't feel all that prudish here -- but then compare ourselves to other countries like Taiwan, we're positively puritan!