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Old Men Fuck!

It's a fact, ladies: old men get plenty of ass. According to Dr Sanjay Gupta, septuagenarians and up still get a satisfying amount of fucking done, regardless of how wrinkly they are, how bad their sleep apnea is, or how awesome their erection is. That last one is, of course, sponsored by Enzyte, for all your old-man-boner needs. Anyhow, the article says that men in their 70s had quite a bit more sex than the men in their 90s, mostly because who, really, wants to fuck a 90-year-old when there's so many randy 70-somethings around? I know I don't. Oh, stop with all the ewwww bullshit: you guys should be high-fiving it each other to learn that you've got, what, forty or fifty years of fucking ahead of you! That's awesome as shit, right there.

4-Hour Erections: None!

"I suppose it's funny to talk about...But it's not funny when it happens to you," is a news quote that applies to nearly every sex story. In this case, however, it talks about Priapism, that surgeon's general warning on Viagra about the perils of a 4-hour erection. The good news is that the doctors interviewed have never had a patient actually come in with an engorged cock due to erectile drugs, but the problem can be caused by a number of other physical problems, and could cause penis damage. So, stop worrying, pill-popping grandpa penis: an excessive erection is the least of the problems Viagara can cause for you - it's just the funniest one.