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Vagina Names!

Take notice, reality stars, twelve-year-olds, and erotica writers: stop using these names for vaginas. I was surprised when va-jay-jay took off, because I didn't know anyone who actually watched Gray's Anatomy, but apparently it has stuck. The article is rather thin, certainly optimised for SEO and little else, but it's lovely to see so many in one place - and the video at the end actually is pretty good.

Note: many of the terms seem to be describing the vulva, not the vagina. They weren't being pedantic enough.


Ah, the Smoking Gun is a great place to find publicly available, court-entered documents full of hot, sexy text. Here's today's latest link, from a D.C. Madame's case, listing the terms a 'john' may need to understand for the a'la carte room service to get his order right. Here's some examples:
  • All Inclusive: dinner and a show;
  • Attempts: extra innings;
  • Bare Back: russian roulette, but funner;
  • BBW: curves and some wiggle;
  • CBJ: raincoat on the teeth;
  • Cowgirl: YeeeeHA!
  • DFK: bring breathmints;
  • FBSM: a backrub and a very good goodbye;
  • GFE: Second-Hand Rose's specialty;
  • Greek: something most Greeks don't actually enjoy;
  • PSE: about as fun as it sounds, I suppose;
  • Hobbyist: who you'd be if you had a wallet big enough.