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Fake Tits And Rolleiflex!

Watched "Daisy of Love" on Sunday: holy fuck, that's a trainwreck of a show. VH1 has the awesome ability to assemble casts that are neither offensive nor sympathetic. It usually goes one way or the other, but the VH1 has figured out the equation to create shows that make you not like anybody, but also you don't hate them much, either, so you watch their antics with a passive disinterest that appeases advertisers. All 20 guys vying for Daisy De La Hoya's love are, by most standards, damaged losers with little going for them, except the teacher, the trucker, and the cable guy (at least the ones I remember). This show comes on after Tough Love, juxtaposing two very different ways to look at society's expectation of women's relationship behavior. Daisy, however, is a strange mix of likeability and total revulsion. She's petite, and cute, and she says funny things, just the kind of girl you want to hang out with at a bar, but, unfortunately, she wants to go home with you afterwards. Those lips - I mean - Jesus, does she need to pump 'em up again if she sleeps on her face funny? She's got nice tits; her plastic surgeon did an excellent job. On Daisy of Love, they showed clips from other shows Daisy has been on, and she's actually kinda cute in the flashbacks where she's not all skanked up and makeupped beyond looking human. However, in the long tradition of hot chicks holding Rolleiflexes, she's pretty hot here: