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Laptop Thief Likes BBWs!

Why do laptop thieves not think every laptop has this? A man was mugged and was robbed of his laptop and credit card. What does the thief do? Uses the laptop to buy porn on the credit card. The problem is that, like most everyone who carries their laptop around, the computer has camera software that tracks and photographs the thief when compromised. Thanks to this marvel of modern technology, we all get to watch some beefy dude masturbate to BBW porn. So, really, most afternoons for me; I really should move that mirror.


Facebook Boob Touch Redux!

If Facebook isn't ruining your political chances, it may be messing up your marriage plans. Posters on telephone poles in Italy are either advertising the most awesome band ever, or revealing the cheatings of some Italian rogue who didn't connect the dots that his friended fiancee will probably see the picture of him snuggling huge naked boobs that he posted to his Facebook account. If I were her, I wouldn't be pissed that he did it: I'd be relieved that I am no longer getting married to somebody so fucking stupid. Other signs that this article didn't happen in the U.S.: somebody is able to hang up thousands of R-rated images, in public, and she's the hero in the story. Stateside, she'd be in jail and reviled in the media for being a psycho bridezilla. Hooray, Italy! (via)