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Conservatives Still Love Porn!

This sounds familiar...yes, back in 2009, but re-emphasized in a new study. Conservative regions just can't get enough porn - most porn searches come from red states, despite conservative attempts to reign in and destroy the porn industry and sexual freedom in general. They do make a good point, though: those with a more progressive libido might only have the internet as an outlet for their predilections, while people living elsewhere can, you know, just go have weird sex without threat of arrest or abuse.


Hookers + NeoCons = Economy!

Minneapolis is bracing for a surge in prostitution due to the influx of Republicans for their national convention -- we all knew conventions like this bring money into the community, and this will be no exception. I doubt the lower-end prostitutes will see any boost in business; no self-respecting Republican would risk being caught with a hooker...and I'll bet most of these respectable gentlemen will have already made their appointments with a call girl of acceptable calibre. It's most likely an excuse for a 'crackdown' on prostitution, which will net poor liberal ladies and completely miss anybody having to do with the Republican Convention.