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Crabs: From Gorillas!

Around three million years ago, a huge evolutionary jump occurred: public lice that lived on gorillas began to inhabit human pubes. As we all know, you can get public lice from things other sex, so don't get all "my grandpa fucked gorillas!" on us - we can only assume that those early humans were either too cheap to stay at a clean hotel, or they used a bus station bathroom, and that's how the species jumped from one primate to another.

Got Crabs? The Dutch Would Like A Handful

It's a sad, sad state when extinction looms for any creature...but when it's pubic lice, I don't think too many people are complaining. Well, except for the Rotterdam Natural History Museum in the Netherlands. In the interest of completeness, their entomologists went looking for an example of pubic lice, but were unable to find any. The curator promises total anonymity if you're going to donate a few, although they're fuzzy on how the, um, "transfer" will actually occur. The blame for this potential extinction? Deforestation. "When the bamboo forests that the Giant Panda lives in were cut down, the bear became threatened with extinction. Pubic lice can't live without pubic hair."