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Miss Nude Internet!

Oh, Internet: is there nothing you can make more amazing? Rather than just accepting that nude people are available on the internet, one place is making it even awesomer: the Ms. Nude Internet contest, which not only exhibits the nude women, but gives awards to those that are the best as being naked. So, not only can you see nudes online, but one place is making sure you see only the Greatest softcore porn available. (via)

Social Media = Sex!

This may explain why social media is starting to beat sex as a search term - NetworkWorld has several reasons the two are alike, from the naughty ("Some people keep tally of their successes, no matter how superficial.") to the sappy ("Ultimately, success or failure depends upon how well you are communicating. "). I'd like to add that it's better when you include lots of leather and spankings. Wait, what?