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Toes = Fucking!

Em and Lo ask, "why does bare feet equal sexy sex time?" My answer: because showing anything above the knees actually looks like people fucking. Duh.


Janet Jackson's Breast: Still Around!

Wait, this is still an issue? The freakin' Supreme Court was asked to step in over the $550,000 fine for the Jackson/Timberlake wardrobe malfunction. CBS is fighting the FCC fine, pushing through the courts until it showed up at the Supreme Court's doorstep. Supreme Court: not saying anything now, lower courts please reconsider. Pay the fucking fine, CBS: you're not proving anything by being a dick about it. Titillation comes with a price.

Porn: Everywhere!

Porn is mainstream, according to the New Zealand Herand, in an article that's surprisingly balanced, covering both the plusses and minusses espoused by the general public. Nearly everything else I've read in the media of late focuses on, "wah, it abuses women and gives men a false ideal of sex!" without much evidence, or the counterpoint, "wah, Power Rangers teaches violence and gives children a false ideal of independence and power!" or "wah, Sex In The City gives thirty-somethings an unreasonable ideal of dating and rent prices in New York City!" Hmmm...those kids who were raised on Power Rangers over the past 16 years are in their twenties now, and consuming all that porn. Maybe there is something to the idea. All entertainment must come in the form of quiet conversations about mundane parts of daily life, such as the length of time a bus ride lasted! We cannot stand too much excitement! I agree, though; there is an awful lot of mysogyny in porn - but the Hays Code cleaned up the regular movie industry without dismantling it; porn isn't the problem, a sense of quality is what needs to be fixed.