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Foxy Blox!

It's practically Christmas, and you're not done shopping??! Can't help you there, but if you forget to buy something for the Lego nerd in your life, make it up to him or her by buying Foxy Blox for them! This isn't just somebody slapping together a play strip club out of Legos - it has custom-printed parts, holographic panels, but it must be one of those weird Southern stripclubs that don't serve liquor because there isn't a bar. For that reason, if I were a tiny Lego person, I probably wouldn't hang out there, even if that DJ looks like he plays good music.


Lego Honeys!

Don't look now, but the Legos you knew and loved decades ago have grown up with you. Now, it's quite clear there's nothing actually "lego" about these photos - they look more like an ad for encouraging high-bandwidth pornography. They appear to be a creative advertising agency's way to build buzz about themselves; Lego will eventually disperse a press releace denouncing the ads, and some ad company will say "it was an internal project; we never intended for it to 'get out'". It doesn't even look like Legos in any way: Legos have never been 1x1 ratio when seen from the side, and there's no posts on the tops of the blocks these seminude ladies are made from. If you shrink a nude jpeg down to a few pixels wide, enlarge it, and build it out of blocks in a way to create shadows, then maybe that's what we're seeing. Legos, not so much.