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Wish you had an app on your iPhone that helped you masturbate? Well, too bad, pervert - Apple has rejected a female-friendly masturbation app because girls shouldn't do that or something. Somehow, apps which promote sexual health are just as bad as Redtube, so you can't have it. You'll have to stick with looking at static photos in your browser to get your sexual-health-on now.


More Phone Testicles!

Your iPhone needs balls? Yes, somebody thinks your phone needs balls. Those truck testicles were mildly amusing the first time I saw, it's a little played out to attach two tiny testicles to every little piece of electronics you own. Seriously, with these, every time you talk on the phone Apple's balls are going be bouncing off your chin. You know, just like any other time you buy Apple's shit. Three grand for a laptop? Seriously, drop to your knees and deepthroat goddamn Steve Jobs already. BTW, the iPad II is out, so those of you who spent $600 six months ago got screwed. Maybe your iPad can teabag your stupid face next time you're trying to load a Flash website. via.

iBoobs Cancelled!

Apple, sadly, doesn't believe in true innovation - just look at this: Apple canceled this application from the iPhone app store, presumably because they really don't like to watch breasts jiggle. Come on now, who doesn't want to watch breast jiggle as they shake them around? Hell, I almost want to buy an iPhone just for this application!