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Celene Dion Heavy Metal!

Does your music taste not agree with your fashion sense? Not enough skulls on the adult-contemporary CD shelves? Here you go, from Front Magazine, heavy metal t-shirts of Phil Collins, Celene Dion, Barry White, and Marc Anthony. Just hope that people can't read, and you'll be fine.

Update: This looks like the original source.


Slayer Sweater!

Do you know how hard it is to shop for a guy who lives and breathes 80s heavy metal? There are only so many hair products and studded collars you can give them. Well, here's your lucky day! Slayer has issued an officially-licensed christmas sweater, full of skulls and evil. Bad news: as of posting, they're sold out. But, maybe Heavy Metal Santa you and they'll have more by Xmas morning.


Silenzium On Rammstein!

Boy, the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society can really put out those metal hair bands, right? This trio are Russian, and their music sounds just as angry as you'd expect. Oh, and its fucking awesome - the link below has them performing Rammstein. Apparently, they also do Metallica, Korn, and the most metal band of them all, Queen. And, whadayaknow: according to Wikipedia, the genre is called "cello rock". See also: Rasputina, also a favorite of my gothy-artsy college friends.