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Don't Forget to Kegel!

I think I've mentioned it here before, but Cosmo has reminded me that guys can and should do kegels too, but rather than clicking Cosmo's stupid slideshow, go to the only slightly less annoying WebMD instructions on practicing your kegels. WebMD points out their incontinence-remedying benefit, but they're good for orgasm control and just general health down-there. It's actually sort of a game to practice while you're peeing, like you've got anything better to do. Rather than just peeing, do morse code, then stop and hold it a bit. I can hold it long enough to walk in a little circle in front of the urinal. Seriously. Don't worry about marathon kegel control just yet: if you can't even stop yourself while peeing, that's not a good sign to begin with. Start small, and your penis will love you for many more reasons than pee games.

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Awesome Cards!

When I was in high school I carried around a deck of cards in my letterman jacket; we played bullshit before school, in study hall, after lunch, and my deck got the crap beat out of it so I had wrapped it in masking tape. If I had this awesome 'deckONE' deck of cards, people might have been more careful with my cards, and the '25% thicker' box probably would have stood up better. Even still, the deckONE looks more like a 'special occasion' deck of cards, for when Professor Moriarty, Captain Nemo, that Steamboy kid, and the Matrix stop by for canasta.

Beer Pong: Deadly!

Be careful when playing beer pong: it could turn out deadly. I am shocked - shocked! - that drinking may have been involved; I'm not shocked, however, that a bedazzler or grommet pliers was, as you will note in the mugshot below. Beerponging with Mr. PotatoHead there is just asking to get a cap in your ass: