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Facebook Tits!

Ever wonder where all the tits are on Facebook? Right here, losers. None of them are your friends, of course; your Facebook profile has the problem of having friended your mom, so now half your friends are her coworkers and if some hottie with a rack were to friend you, you'd be embarrassed to reciprocate. Note that there are no naked tits, which makes this list kinda 'meh', but only has the benefit of allowing you to not look like the skeevy titwatcher at the bar.

Raydeen Fucks Somebody!

See, I had a Raydeen when I was a kid - he didn't fuck anybody, and I sold him at a rummage sale when I was ten, but he seems to have moved on to a porn career after I rejected his love. The 1970s were a fucked-up time, y'all. What the photographer probably doesn't realize is that, today, if he still had those three toys in original condition, they're probably worth more than he got paid for this lame photoshoot.
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