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Bike: Bettter Sex!

A survey of people in Britain has proven that people who ride bike to work have better sex. Well, after a while I suppose. Once you get through the first couple months of biking, I'm sure the positive effects are seen, but those first two months, when you arrive home from work, dripping with sweat, wheezing, thighs twitching uncontrollably, and you go throw up in the bathroom before you take off your bike helmet, yeah, those days aren't going to be very good for sex. But, stay positive through all that, people: someday, you're fucking will improve. It really goes for any exercise: when you've got endorphins flowing, your body is a healthier shape, and you don't just sit around like a lump, it only makes sense that everything, including getting laid, will improve.


Church Porn!

Weltbild is one of the biggest publishers in Europe, and is partly owned by a number of German Catholic diocese. But -- Fox News is on the case: Weltbild publishes perfectly legal erotic and porn, thus making the Catholic Church one of the biggest pornographers in Europe. I knew that new Pope was awesome! However, apparently this is a problem for head-up-their-ass Conservatives who think that promoting Onanism by publishing such smut is the wrong direction for the Catholic Church. Whatever, jerks; this pornography is the work of God, who do you think you are to challenge it? Yeah, doesn't feel so good when someone else is telling that to you, huh?

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