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Goths Take Over Disney!

Everyone seems to get their own day at Disneyland. R ecently, the goth/rivethead/stagehand/steampunk crowd got to go to Disney and sweat like a stupid fuck because it's still pretty warm and sunny there. The event is called Bats Day, and the video was apparently from Bats Day 2012, last May, but it's just getting online now, in order to give you plenty of time to get your tickets, rent a clown suit, and prepare plenty of fake indignation that nobody told you it was goth day at the park.

Splash Mtn Boobies Back!

Joy of joys, Disney has returned to it's definition as Happiest Place on Earth! Disneyland has stopped making employees review and discard flashed-boobs images on the Splash Mountain ride, and other gravity-defying rides. Disney claims the actual occurrences are rare...which, if we're lucky, is only because people are watching now. Open the floodgates, announce to the media that nobody's going to watch out for naked boobies, and the flood of 17-year-old boobs displayed on a bank of monitors at the ride exit will child-pornify your favorite Disney events. God bless America!