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Philadelphia Ink!

The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention was last week, and the Village Voice was there with a camera. I'm a little annoyed, in that few of the photos had anything to do with tattoos. I mean, how many photos of naked oil-wrestling bowling what-the-fuck does an alt-weekly need to put on their website? Positive, though: lots of tits. Negative: BDSM flesh-hook suspension.

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Convention Nookie!

Going to any conventions soon? If you're not interested in spending all your time in an empty hotel room, here's how to get laid at a convention. Of course, they're focusing on Sex 2.0, which has a higher percentage of sex-friendly attendees than, say, the Librarians and Museum Curators Convention in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, but you never know...librarians can be rather hot, sometimes. (via)

Sexapalooza, Again!

The Sexapalooza people would like you to know that they're making Hamilton Ontario a naughtier place today and tomorrow, hopefully producing the same sort of erotic assault that they did in London last month. Still to fucking far away for me to attend, but you horny bastards in Buffalo can grab your passports and head for the border.