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Hustler In Congress!

It's no surprise that Larry Flynt uses his magical powers only to do good, and here's one example: Larry Flint has every new issue of Hustler mailed to every member of Congress. Congress, surprisingly, freaks out over the prospect of seeing boobs or a penis, and tried to get the mail to stop delivering it. The mail, unsurprisingly, said: "All we do with the stuff is deliver it, you handle your own mail how you like." Man, the perks of being in Congress are awesome!

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Conservatives Support Porn!

Representative Jared Polis of Colorado has temporarily become my favorite person in the world. Towards the end of the debate over the horrible, horrible SOPA law, he introduced an amendment to the law which explicity excluded pornography from the SOPA. This created an odd dynamic: By excluding pornography from SOPA protection - when piracy is such a big problem in the adult industry - essentially goes the conservative route and causes hardship for porn. However, SOPA is designed to protect legal copyright holders, so by voting down the amendment means that Congress, essentially, has thrown their hat into the ring with pornographers. So, thank you, Republican Lamar Smith, for showing us that pornography is in your best interests. We always knew it anyway. Also, the Avenue Q song, "The Internet is for Porn", was used as evidence, and is now part of the congressional record. For as fucked up as the anti-piracy laws are, Polis has done a good job of turning the tables and showing the absurdity of it all.