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Ron Burgundy Undies!

He's got a movie coming out, a memoir hot off the presses, a Newseum display (wait, really, Newseum?) now Ron Burgundy has his own line of contrast-piping retro tighty-whities for sale. Now, if only they come with their own Christina Applegate, well, I'd have to be in my bunk for a while. This isn't a joke -- Burgundy is only inches away from being a Colbert -- and Jockey is apparently happy to have him as their spokesanchor. Stay classy, underwear industry!


Zero Stars For Movie 43!

Roger Ebert, the wizened prophet that he is, has issued one of his rare zero-star reviews. Movie 43, nominated for eight Oscars and twelve Golden Globes, has been dealt a blow to its marketing plan that it is unlikely to recover from. Who knew that comedy which involves lovers pooping on each other would fall so flat? Let's just hope all the actors -- many of whom are already Oscar winners -- got paid well for their embarassing attempts at humor. Speaking of which, one segment revolves around a sex-doll sized MP3 player (played by real naked women) which has spinning blades were its pussy is. Comedy genius!