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Britney Spears!

Now, there's the Toxic video with the stewardess thing and the other stuff and the...well, I don't think I've ever watched the whole thing; but I do remember a nearly naked Britney! Here's the whole song, with just nearly-naked Britney. Oh, and it's got all the words. I hope they're not a distration.

Britney And Madonna Smooch!

I'm too poor for cable TV -- and who watches MTV anyway -- but I awoke today to find THIS...Heavy tongue action between one Britney Spears and one Madonna. Oh, and a kiss with Cristina Aguilera that looks like she was talked into doing it against her will. But - DAMN! Lick me, spank me, let me play too, but these pictures are a big freakin' tease. And I'm not even sure who Britney Spears is, either.

BTW -- as you've noted in the last few posts, I've been in touch with Gracie of Adult Backwash and Much to my surprise, things 'blossomed', and now I'm randomly entertained by Gracie arriving at my apartment, late at night, for a long, friendly fuck. Life couldn't be better!