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Batmobile Sold!

Back in the eighties, me and a couple guys drove up to Fargo to the car show just to see this amazing feat of automotive magic: the original TV Batmobile. I'm not sure we ever saw the real one, but it sure looked like it. After all these years, a custom Futura seems to have really gone up in price: the TV Batmobile sold this weekend for just over four million dollars. It, amazingly, had been owned by the designer who originally built it, but now it's moving on to live with a car collector with deep pockets. Wait...a rich eccentric man buys a crime fighting car? I hope he doesn't plan on donning a cowl and jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Look where that got Adam West.


Batman Motorcycle Suit!

UD Replicas is a leathermaker who specializes in movie replicas, and they've got something awesome for sale: Batman leather motorcycle gear. It's designed to look just like the movies, except in leather and safety-approved for actual racing. Make sure you live in a state with weak helmet laws, so you can wear it with a cowl and cape.

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Batman Snuggie!

I can't fault a guy for wanting to look like Batman, but, Jesus Christ, dude, when you're wife gets home and sees you like that, she's going to go to the laundry room for a few minutes while she laughs until she nearly pees. Seriously. I know, Batman is the shit, but unless the guy below got this for a Christmas present and is wearing it out of politeness, he's doing it wrong. For crying out loud, it's 70s Batman - at least have a Clooney Nipples version for the ironically kitschy. For this Batman snuggy, just think what you'll look like shuffling to the kitchen for another beer, your ass hanging out like a hospital gown, and then ask if you really look like a dark knight.