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Soapy Bathtime For Lucy

Lucy is such a dirty girl; just one bath won't be enough, I think...I'm offering to share mine with her, so she doesn't seem so wasteful: I'm sure I can make it worthwhile for both of us:
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Saskia's Long Wet Hair

I always feel sorry for women with such long hair; they must have trouble washing it all by themselves. I'd like to remind Saskia that I'm an expert in that department...although I wonder just how athletic her bath is; she has a fuckin' ladder next to the tub:

Sasha In The Bath

Sasha's dark hair and opaque eyes might not seem all that inviting, but my guess is after she relaxes in the bath, lets the warm water flow between her breasts and legs, she'll much more receptive to whatever you've got to give her...

Lots Of Soapy Links!

My bookmarks file is getting too damn big! Just for the sake of clearing things out, here's an extra-special edition of...

"Lorna Morgan" takes a bath on the deck with her big-ass natural tits. They're a pretty good set, with a few disturbing ones tossed in for good measure. While I'm not the kinda guy that finds drooling while brushing your teeth sexy, there must be someone out there looking for it.

Don't be fooled by the title: the site is not "Plane Treanna" -- it's actually "Planet Reanna," and a girl, who we can only assume is "Reanna," take a nicely soapy bath in very soft light. Unlike most normal bathers, she wears large, dangly earrings in the bath...but I'm not complaining.

Much like this lady, whose page says she belongs to some guy named "Leroy." She took great care to apply her makeup before bathing, no doubt to enhance the "I'm bored yet acting sexy" expression on her face throughout the photos. The ill-named "Shellylicious" (I'll bet she got picked on in junior high) did have the courtesy to put on her makeup for the bath, and made sure to outline her eyes in dark makeup so we'd know she wasn't missing them like some sightless cave lizard. Still, she knows how to enjoy being photographed in the bath: I'd wash her back for a smile.

"Jessi Capelli has taken this "look" to another level: her expression varies from blank erotic to brain melting. Good for her, though; telekenetics are in short supply in pornography.

Unlike this gal, who might be named "Kira Dreams," or else the website is simply stating as fact that, yes, Kira is able to dream, and does so at times. She's so cheery in the bath that one wonders if she just likes the bath that much or if she's that happy all the time.

"Brooke", from Planet Brooke, is a bit hard to read: she seems like she's being sexy in the bath, but she's got her lips pursed like she's annoyed at being interrupted in the bath. It might also be the dark outlined eyes, too, but she does take a very bubbly bath, so you might not be looking 'up there'.

"Mandy", as presented by Real Big Racks, actually does, in fact, have a big rack. She also doesn't wear makeup in the bath, which is always a plus. She's also a little on the 'bigger' size (from the viewpoint of someone looking at size-1 porngirls with the physical build of a teenaged boy), and I kinda like seeing that. She's someone that might actually put out for the losers that look at online porn for fun.

"Amy" claims to be my latina dream girl, but the last time I dreamed of a latina girl, she was working at a she store and I was wearing a clown costume and couldn't find the bathroom...but that's just what I dream, you might have something else in mind. Anyways, Amy starts out poorly, with a bunch of dressed photos, but once she gets in the bath things get nice, so make sure to scroll down.

If you like videos, the guys at Dooza have two samples for you from a bathing-focused DVD. Both start with long videos of a woman washing herself in a bubbly bath, and end up with sex in the bath...something for everybody! Skin Up...oh, wait, is that "Vip"? Anyways, they've got two preview videos besides the sex vids, which are all quite good. "18 and Busty" has a set of 4 videos, all short, but when put together make for a pleasant viewing.

"Jenny" is just out of high school and living in the dorms -- which must be the best kick-ass dorms ever because they've got wrought-iron bathtubs and windows everywhere. I don't think I've ever been in a girl's dorm bathroom that would be adequate for a sexy bubble bath, but this "Jenny" is lucky; hers allows her to get plenty soapy for our benefit.

The Met Art galleries I've seen are impressive: nice lighting, nice setting, very "Playboyish", but I don't encounter them enough. Here's a nice set for those of you who like both soapy and wet t-shirts: they don't try hard by naming the model or having some canned "I'm 18 and love anal sex" comment. Just pics, and good ones at that.

I'm very concerned about this gal, though: I've seen her elsewhere on the net, but this website says I can videochat with her -- right now -- and she'll do anything I say. Do they realize how hard it is on the skin to leave her in the bath, all day long, waiting for me to chat? I've even checked back at 3am to see if they take it down to let her sleep, but no dice: she's in the bath 24 hours a day. Poor, poor girl.


Mel Ramos has an odd style; while the style evokes classic pinup art, phtorealistic images of sexy nude ladies, something's not quite right....while I appreciate the lady, does she really need to be sprawled out on a hippopotamus, or reclining on a huge chunk of cheese? Yes, god damn it, yes she does! He has an interesting Galatea-themed set as well, in his Recent Works area.

We've all seen the TGIFridays commercial, right? Three guys ogle three girls (all racially heterogenized), but are distracted by the food. Personally, I can see why; the middle one is the only cute one of the three.

Finally, who goes out of their way to tell how they took the virginity of a TV star? This desparate guy did, answering the question "who really cares?" Well, does. In so many ways, the world tries so hard to believe nobody has ever had sex, and nobody will. What a sad view of the world.

And now for some....

Ann-Angel starts out clothed, ends up naked, but we never really see the naughty bits...there's too many bubbles! These tend to be my favorites; it's a job for my hands to wipe off the suds and show the sexy body underneath.

While they don't get too soapy, Madison spends bathtime comforting Graziella for having a horrible name. The pair start out confused, wearing swimsuits into the bath, but they never quite realize their error, only removing the clothes when it interferes with their lesbian love. Go lesbians!

If the lesbian-teens-with-bad-names doesn't do it for you, mature lesbians bathe together, too. They're really soapy throughout the 15 photos...but the blond looks either uncomfortable or annoyed. Maybe the brunette is coming on too strong?

Even better than lesbians in the bath -- is three ladies in the bath! They're your average Cali pornstars -- but I wouldn't turn down an invitation to join them.

Audrey bathes herself in a series of 15 images, flashing a rather creepy smile at the camera between lathering up. Her little pigtails are kinda cute, tho. Crystal has a creepy smile, too, but has a pleasantly real-world body -- plus she wears her glasses in the bath.

From a site called 'Ass Fantasies,' you'd hope to get a bunch of ass pictures, right? Here they have a bunch of an unnamed model with a soapy ass. Nothing overtly anal in them; just bubbles on an ass, and a few of her other parts for good measure.

I don't really understand the site, but a woman takes a bubble bath, and that's what matters, right?

Don't forget -- there's also non-porn soapy pics. Thanks to and Google Image Search, it's easy enough to get 40+ clipart photos of people in the bubble baths. While hardly sexual in nature, sometimes they're a nice alternative to squinty eyelids and spread labia.

Snapsoid is a Flikrlike image of course someone's gotta upload themselves in the bath. Speaking of Flickr, they don't have any sexy soapy photos.

"Older Ladies" have to take baths, too...but, as with the 'teen' attribute, age has to be exaggerated in porn. Either they're really young, or really old, or their age doesn't matter much. The lady in these pics doesn't look quite so old...although 'older' than most of the 19-somethings dominating most photoshoots. has a nice long video of a woman soaping up in the shower, too.

Back to the disturbingly young-looking girls (wasn't there a law against this)? Find a petite college student with braces, put plastic barrettes in her hair, and she's Teen Topanga. The braces must be a big thing: she's got a huge grimace in every photo to make sure you can see that she's got a mouthful of metal. Oh, and she kisses her rubber ducky.

This young lady toys in the tub -- but she keeps her hair wrapped to make sure it stays dry. Way to stay practical when masturbating for the camera!

She's nameless -- other than the moniker Little Trouble Maker She doesn't get quite as soapy as I'd like, but she's cute...and she's trouble! I know she is, because the website said so!

With all the so-called amateurs lurking around the internet, we tend to forget about the porn supermodels. Petra Verkaik has huge breasts, lots of makeup, smouldering looks and uncomfortable poses, perfect for Playboy. Gettin' soapy in the bath is a workout for her!

This lady just looks annoyed at being photographed. "Okay, if I pose a little, will you leave me alone? I'm trying to relax here!"

Soapy Pics!

Kids pledging virginity tend to participate in oral and anal sex instead, and abstinence-only sex ed doesn't work. Here's a big 'DUH' for the world at large, thanks. Ultimately, "sex ed itself is not a factor in determining teen sexuality," according to a researcher, so please, please teach the kids something worthwhile, Mr. and Mrs Education System! They also make a nice comment on the whole substance of 'teen pregnancy': "[T]he entire concern about teen pregnancy is in response to the older ages that people are getting married today compared to previous years." I think a lot of this goes to show that there's not much new in the way sex goes on -- but perceptions have a great deal to do with how we react. What Sex Ed comes down to is an attempt to control and direct the sex that's been going on forever-and-a-day...redirecting that river is a big job and Mother Nature generally doesn't care what people try to do, but we can build some levees, smooth out the rapids, and do our best to control the dangerous parts.

Anyways, here's some....

Obligatory Soapy Pics!

Here's a site with a high-quality video of a lovely lady in the bath. Don't bother clicking the images on the right -- they don't go to larger versions.

Two very-young-looking women frolick in a soapy tub, play with a toy...not particularly lesbian, but playful.

Teen Jasmin gets very sudsy, poses seductively, and that's about it for 12 photos.

Sweet Dominique does about the same thing, but for 14 photos, but with panties on.

Karen's photos in the tub seem to be all over Usenet alt.binaries groups, and here's a site using them. She doesn't look like a porn star, and that's what I like about her.

This woman, however, looks everything like a porn star, gets soapy, and fondles a toy.

Trixie teen bathes in the average 'cheap apartment' tub, gets soapy, and poses while standing.

I'd say Chloe 18 sounds like she's right out of Logan's Run, but then I'd show off what a geek I am. Anyways, this site has some good clothed and unclothed bathingness -- and the large views are HUGE, they look like they're right off the digital camera.

Audrey's not exactly the cutest model, but she's refreshingly non-model-like. Piercings, cute little pigtails...oh, and she gets soapy. Duh.

Hennessie ethnic, maybe India or Arabic, but she's cute enough; a little on the thin side, but she's in the bath, and that makes me boing.

Finally, we return with some...

Non-porn soapy pics!

I think some may be repeats, but who's upset with seeing them again?

Bubbly beauty in a stock photo that's for sale

A bathing woman in a hydromassage ad

A very seductive pic from a Korean website

She looks like a office assistant, or friend of the marketing director tricked into posing in the bath, and that's what's so cute about it.

Soapy Boobs!

Welcome to this edition of...

Obligatory Soapy Pics!!!

We'll start with this young lady. While I give it +10 points for the extreme soapiness of the bath and photos, I have to say the woman isn't all the attractive...dark lines under eyes, smallish breasts.

This set has some Playboy-style high-quality photos. Like the previous link, lots of bubbles, and some very sexy poses. The woman is also quite Playboy-style, with huge breasts and unnaturally arched eyerows. Still, the breasts seem natural to me, and she's not too 'barbie doll' for my tastes.

Ugh...I guess I'm getting too old to be turned on by the phrase, "petite teens." This soapy "teen" lathers up in the tub, and actually looks like she's having fun. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail (a must for the 'teen' look apparently) and starts out in a wet t-shirt.

Now -- here we go! "My Friend's HOT MOM" has a promo video of an older-than-average-slut in the tub seducing a younger male slut. The video is actually quite long for a freebie, over 1:30. Not overly soapy, and while the "mom" has a 'real girl' attractiveness about her, I'm most turned on by her coy seductive nature.

Another in the "sexy mom" category -- Oedipal porn rules, apparently -- is a set of photos of a mom in the bath. Quite sexy, although in several pics she puts suds on her's strange for me to simultaneously feel aroused and have a gag reflex, but I could probably show you ex-girlfriends that give me the same sensation now.

Midwest Mandy isn't so much soapy as in a wet t-shirt and panties, but she's frolicking in a bubble bath. With a fresh girl-next-door look and good-sized breasts, she's not hard on the eyes.

Soapy Videos!

In the past, I've just linked the Obligatory Soapy Pics with numbers....generic, uninteresting, probably not worth clicking because it could be a blind link to something nasty. Also, it makes it hard for me to find things I've linked -- I like to look at 'em, too! So I'm going to try and give titles and descriptions for links from now on. Starting with today's fun article:

Woohoo! Yahoo! is running a new video search service, one step up from Google's image search. You can search for videos -- all the naughty, slutty fuck videos you could ever want.

So, not only to you get a newly-revised Obligatory Soapy Pics layout -- this time it's:

Obligatory Soapy Videos!

from, an untitled group of videos of bathroom sex. the first two are of a lovely short-haired woman bathing herself.

A Bangbros production, three relatively tame videos of a woman bathing in a very soapy tub. Lots of suds & self-fondling, ends with masturbation. Very nice.

I think I've linked Cora stuff before, but I'm not sure. Who knew that giving a blowjob in the bubble bath could be such a big deal? When she's the soapy one, I like it, I admit it...

The domain says, "my anal teens", but no anal here at Teen Kelly videos. Just Kelly in the bubble bath, washing herself -- mostly upper-body (very nice), with some half-hearted crotch touching in the final vid.

Soapy lesbians! they don't really get into anything hardcore, but it's two soapy babes for the price of one. Huzzah!

Wait, another blowjob video? This one looks better produced, which is probably it's downfall. don't get me wrong - I like, I like, but the other one from Cora is much more real, I can get into it better. This one has better soapiness, which is definitely a plus.

More Soapy Pics!

Holy crap -- has it been so long since I've done my Obligatory Soapy Pics? It's not like I haven't been looking (because I have), I've just been writing about other stuffs and things besides. So -- here you go --


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Oh...ummmm..."what else," you ask? Eh, not much....Thanksgiving isn't the most sexually-oriented holiday. There's plenty of Christmas porn, Easter porn, 4th of July porn, Halloween porn...but as of today, there's no Thanksgiving porn at all. When you have a holiday that revolves around eating a hell of a lot of food, watching sweaty men play football, focus on your mom (and other family members), and driving in heavy traffic, there's not much sexy about it. Well, unless you're into those sorts of things. Sweaty traffic incest football may be the perfect fetish for Thanksgiving, but fortunately that's rather rare.

Soapy Pics!

Eh, I'm going to try to update more guys want to see content, right? So, in this endeavor, I give you:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

As a bonus, I even found some soapy porn on a business website for water heaters. No actual naughty bits, but still plenty to be aroused by!

Soapy Pics!

We interrupt these porn spams for...

Obligatory Soapy Pics!

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Obligatory Soapy Pics!

It's been a while, but in the interest of keeping up the regular updates:


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

My gal doesn't get back into town until tomorrow I gotta control my manly urges until then. I suppose that means I should stop looking at soapy porn, eh?

Bathtub Babe!

Ooh -- here's another babe in the bathtub. I'd wash her back, mmmmm......

Valentine's Day is coming up, and I've got no lover. Actually, it's been almost three years -- can you imagine? That's part of why I write erotica from time to time: stress release. I'll meet that special someone someday, but 'till then I've got my horny words and the internet's got gigabytes of cute chicks and bathing babes for the taking.

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