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Poor Workplace Safety!

If my OSHA guy were to stop by this worksite, the shit would hit the fan. The saying goes, "the right tool for the right job", and that hammer is not the kind of tool for wood construction. It's for metalworking, and sticking it up your hoohah is not obeying general safety procedures. That handle is going to get all slippery, and then an accident is going to happen, and somebody's going to get a hammer in the face when that vagina-moistened cross-peen flies out of an unsuspecting HVAC worker's hands. She should have kept on just sticking a banana in there. Oh, yes, there's a banana.

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Sittin' In The Fridge

Here's what happens when there's too much marihuana at a porn shoot. "OK, here's, no, really, here's what, got it, here's what we'll do next: Melisa, empty out the fridge; now, eat a banana while smearing white shit all over your chest. God, I want a banana." Yes, too, too much pot.