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3D Vulva Arrest!

Don't tell Japan about 3d printed cocks, because they have obscenity laws which censor realistic depictions of genitalia, and it turns out that includes 3d-printer data of a woman's naked genitals. Now, if you know anything about 3D printed files, they're a whole lot of very unsexy data. But, since it could be fed into a 3D printer so that out pops a faithful rendition of artist Megumi Igarashi's vulva, that is a violation of the law. Sure, it's possible to view and render a 3D data file on the computer monitor, so it's probably not that far from the unsexy data contained in a compressed JPEG, but it just goes to show that, as technology improves, people try to find ever more creative ways to make it sexier.


3d Printed Album!

We have already learned the wonders of using 3d printing technology to make surrogate penises modeled on real cocks, but here's a somewhat practical use of the technology. Apparently, you can actually 3d print a record album, which is both crazy but so freaking obvious I'm mad that I hadn't thought of it. And, like in the early days when Edison spent his days screaming obscenities at his underpaid technicians, this 3d-printed album sounds just about as crappy as the early wax cylinders. But, every technology has to start somewhere, and if there's one thing I know, it's that hipsters will put their mechanical-turkitude into making this a viably impractical method for handling tunes.