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Soapy Passat!

Usually, when there's a set of photos of a sexy woman washing a car, it's a Porche or Lamborghini or something, something fast and expensive and red. Lana Kendrick is more practical than that, slipping into her red swimsuit to soap up her Volkswagen Passat. Well, her tits get a little soapy, too, so sexy and smart is the perfect combination!


Awesomest Sucky Cars!

After yesterday's penis car experience, here's an opportunity to drive the least penislike cars ever: The Smoking Jacket lists Five Crappy Cars Everyone Should Drive Before They Die, a title that can be shortened for people of my vintage to "What I Drove In High School". I rather like the Lagonda, not that I'll ever be able to afford one. I don't know about including the Hummer on the list: the H2 is essentially a generic pickup with ricer aftermarket crap stuck on it; the rest of the cars are so horribly unique and awesome, it's an insult to the DeLorean to be in the same category as the H2.