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World Vasectomy Day!

Hey, everybody, it's World Vasectomy Day! Oprah's walking through the streets with a pair of Fiskers yelling, "YOU GET A VASECTOMY, AND YOU GET A VASECTOMY, EVERYONE GETS A VASECTOMY!" No, not really, it's just that getting out the awareness of getting snipped is a good thing. Just don't chew on it, otherwise the doc will make you wear a cone. They're even doing vasectomies live online, in case you wanna watch.

Vasectomies = Up!

For the most part, society and men put the responsibility of conception prevention on the woman - pill! IUD! tubes tied! - even though men have vasectomy at their disposal. Vasectomy doctors, thank the poor economy: vasectomy consultations and procedures have been up for the past year, now that men have realized that their dick could really fuck things up for themselves. Wait, just now they're realizing it? Sorry, guys: if you really think about it, your dick messes up a lot of things for you. It's a good thing it's so much fun, otherwise you'd probably have gotten rid of it a long time ago.