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Intelligence = Orgasms!

It's not book intelligence, though, so we're sorry, Daily Mail illustration of a woman wearing glasses (we all know glasses on a woman means a degree in something requiring math), this story isn't really about you. Women with a higher "emotional intelligence" tend to enjoy sex more and orgasm better than women whose emotional intelligence is stunted. The study examined the sexual practice of 2,000 female twins - which is the best fucking job ever - and found that the emotionally smarter of the two had better sex; I'd wager that means the sluttier of the two had more emotional intelligence, which gives the sluts one-up on their brainy counterpart. I can actually vouch for that: my history bucks the odds, and I've had three partners who were the nerdy half of a pair of twins. I - oh, what? No, I was just bragging, I don't know anything about their emotional intelligence.