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Spray Her And She Gets Horny

Yeah, we'll get out the jokes about the number of men volunteering to squirt ladies with some of their own personal blend, but they've actually been studying what happens to women when you give them a spritz of testosterone. The study found 261 women with diminished libido, and sprayed them with testosterone for sixteen weeks. They found that the women experienced an increased in 'sexually satisfying events.' Sounds like you can bottle up a horny woman and turn her on with a squirt, eight?It turns out, the women in the placebo group also had an increase in sexually satisfying events. So, it really doesn't matter what you squirt her with, as long as she believes it'll make her more sexually satisfied. For the best sex ever, here's the steps:1. Convince gal-pal that the bottle contains sex-enhancer;2. fill bottle with bacon-scented spray;3. Enjoy bacon and sex simultaneously.Man, I'm hard as a steel pipe just thinkin' about it.