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Smartphone Cockblock!

A new study has come out to say that Brits are having less sex than 20 years ago because of financial stress, job worries -- but OMG, online porn and tweeting in bed! Of course, whenever there's a new study out about sex acts, the most sensational stuff is in the lede and the less sensational stuff is more real but not as interesting to talk about. I doubt their study found tons of men turning down sex because they're busy posting selfies to Facebook.

However, some of the more interesting things are that women aged 16 - 24 were the most sexually active, more than even the most active men, which was 25 - 34 -- go get 'em, teenaged ladies!

Also they report that women only have 7.7 partners while men have 11.7 -- or about 1/3 fewer partners, which means men on average have 4 homosexual partners in their entire life -- every damn one of them -- or there's just an inflation in men's numbers and deflation in women's numbers, which seems the most likely. I suppose the other alternative is that those 4 partners on average are the same women, so those gals really get around without throwing off the women's average. People who do these studies fail to realize that heterosexual sex has one woman and one man, by definition; sure, there's probably going to be a little discrepancy between the numbers, but 1/3 difference? Somebody's not counting properly.


Nerd Stress!

A study of IT professionals in India has discovered something naughty: the high-stress world of IT professionals causes risky sex. High levels of technical and financial stress make tech geeks 6x more likely to pay for sex, and 2x more likely to not use a condom during sex. Wait -- nerds are having sex now? Of course they have to pay for it more than the average person, if 1980s screwball comedies have told me anything it's that the thick-glasses, buck-toothed computer kids never get the girl. You'd think they'd be smart enough to know that condoms are better, though, unless they're so stressed that they're praying for the sweet, sweet release of syphilitic death. Maybe they're still having the condom size problem in India, who knows. As long as they continue to pronounce my name wrong when they call me "Mr. Dufaowall" eighty times during each call, I can sympathize with why they're so stressed.

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