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Sexy Star Wars Outfits!

I know, everybody loves Star Wars, but these outfits give me a weird boner. The Wampa and the Ewok, in particular; is this like, Lucasfilm furries or something? I suppose, if you've got too many cons to go to, and not enough sexy costumes, Etsy is the place to turn to fill your closet with all the ogling-generating outfits you can get.


Scout Walker Sex!

Technically, they're called "AT-STs", and colloquially as the "chicken walker" before they really got a name in the Star Wars universe, but one website has decided that these large Star Wars mecha need to get laid, too. Dear god, they have wallpaper versions of their dirty, dirty Kenner sex. Apparently, it's from 2002, and I've been to the site before, so there are things on the internet I've never seen. Anyhow, now you'll never look at that scene in ROTJ where Chewie pops out of the scout walker's hatch in the same way again.

Storm Trooper Strip Tease!

Art Wars has arrived, and was initiated by a Storm Trooper Strip-Tease, as seen here, which makes me feel kinda weird during the scenes in Star Wars when Luke and Han steal some Stormtrooper armor. Anyhow, the art show is tied to a recent lawsuit over who actually owns the designs for the original Stormtrooper costume. Now that Ainsworth has rights to use it, Art Wars is applying the Stormtrooper art to some worthy purposes, like strippers and putting a pink suit of armor on the subway. Still, more entertaining than Episode I.