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Porn Fund Sex Ed!

Remember the politician who inadvertently expensed her husband's porn viewing habit? She now has an idea: tax pornography to fund sex ed, safe sex, and relationship counseling. In the US, states use cigarette tax to promote quitting programs, alcohol tax to curb drunk driving, so putting a sin tax to good use isn't completely out of whack - plus, she wants "real sex education in schools", and combined with "safe sex" means that she's actually got some smarts. Of course, she was shouted down as "naiive" for her beliefs, because we can't have anybody thinking outside the box. Compared to other ways to deal with the vague Pornography Problem, Ms. Smith seems to actually be putting some thought into it rather than either just banning it outright or ignoring that some people have a problem with their porn. Too bad her peers rated her "the worst performing member of the cabinet," because when she had the power to actually do something worthwhile, it was spent misusing government money and raising anti-terrorist imprisonment to Orwellian levels. I guess some time out of office has made her give what's important some thought.