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Ways To Suck At Sex!

The H Spot would like you to know that there's 14 things that Real Men never fuck up during sex. The list is actually pretty darn good, but I'd like to add a few things that men do to fuck up sex: 1) Answering, or even looking at, your cellphone at any point when you should be paying attention to your date. 2) talking about previous girlfriend's sexual preferences. 3) being too drunk to be of any use. 4) being creepily weird or psycho about the fact that a woman might actually want to have sex with you. Now, men, you might just stop fucking up your sex life for once. You're welcome.

10 Sex Tips For Gals!, wisely reducing women to their basest component in their domain name, has come up with the 10 most important sex tips every girl should know. Or, rather, "10 tips you figured out during the first two times you had sex, but we need to fill a slideshow, so here you go." Hey, women, sex with foreplay, touching, and sensual stripping is hot! Maybe do something kinky, or sex outside once in a while! Oh, wait, is that not enough? Let me write a couple paragraphs about each, just to make sure you get it - can't overestimate a woman's intelligence, you know. The article starts by calling these "10 mind-blowing tips," but if you're mind is blown by statements of the importance of kissing or how much men enjoy blow-jobs, you are probably way too naive to actually try sex just yet. Number 1 is probably the most relevant and useful suggestion, and is probably why they started writing the list: feel comfortable in your own skin. Most useless and probably tossed in just so they could get to ten? Perfecting your signature sex move. Perform for me, trained monkey, I paid good money to see something different than the last three acts! This appears to be promoting a book called Supersex, and if the Top Ten List is any indicator, their intended audience are 17-year-old fearful virgins and 16-year-old boys.