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Sex Learnin!

Kelly Neff has been a sex educator for seven years, and nothing prepared her for these five truths. #1 is that there's no "normal", so the fact that you're sexually attracted to lawnchairs is perfectly fine, so stop losing sleep over it, dude.

BTW: The woman below is not Kelly Neff, she just happens to be a naked sexy teacher, and is very pleasant to look at.

Hooker School!

A company in Spain is providing business classes to prospective entrepreneurs, in one particular industry: prostitution. For 100 euros (about $5,800 I think) aspiring hookers can learn how to use toys, read the Kama Sutra, and otherwise provide a top-notch product. It took eight years for the authorities to notice, but in the end the class gets to continue, because there's nothing illegal about informing escorts how to do their job - it's the actual doing the job that's against the law in Spain. Thanks for being smart, Spain. Over here in the U.S., you better believe a class in doing illegal things will get the authorities' jackboots all shined up and ready for some door-kickin'. Via.