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Swiss Titties!

Boy, workplaces in Switzerland are really, really laid back: a Swiss federal secretary spent downtime during her workday tweeting nude and explicit photos from her desk. Her defense is that what she does on break is her own business, but the governmental inquest might not be so flippant about it. Here's some examples of her posts, and she apparently deleted her original Twitter account, but reportedly this is her new one, and her porn vids are still online. Sure, Switzerland has a liberal workplace, but if you gotta make ends meet with your government job by doing porn on the side, those little multi-tool pocketknives must not be entirely worth living there.


Love And Cellphones!

People are really attached to their celphones - no, like really attached, to the point that a cellphone is an extension of their body, to the point that cellphones are becoming inextricably tied to sexuality. Planned Parenthood is on track, using cellphones and apps to connect with sexually-active youngsters. When the days of risking being on AOL naughty chatrooms via the family computer are long gone, and people carry around a computer faster and more connected than that in their pocket, it's no surprise that people are taking their sexiness wherever their phone can go -- and NY Mag has 20 people's example of using their phones to get it on with other humans.

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