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Spendy Sexologist!

Here's good work to have if you can get it: Sexologist Megan Andelloux was paid $1600 to talk to students about sex at University of New Hampshire, plus incidental costs. Not bad, not bad -- but what is bad is that the newspaper considered this news. No, not that a sex expert was informing students, or that there's any sort of need for this sort of information, but that it was expensive. What are the other speaker fees, how's Megan compare? The tone and formatting of the article seems to imply that the money was less of an issue than the fact that people played with strap-on dildos. Nice, news-collecting, there, New Hampshire Union Leader.


Privateer, Grenadier, Raconteur!

This guy can kick the ass of The Most Interesting Man In The World, mostly because if you have the pedigrees claimed by this business card, you think Dos Equis tastes like horse piss; whiskey is your drink of choice. I most approve of him being a specialist in "Orgies" - I tried to get signed up for that major in college, but the waiting list was too long.