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I Want It To Be Simple!

See, this guy knows how to do it. I've invited hasidic jews and Jack Sparrow to my parties, but it ain't ever worked out. The guy from the Office knows how to have a party, though. Note that, in the credits, he's "Black Hugh Hefner", a title formerly held by nobody.

Hef Selling Playboy?!?

It's probably an obvious move, given Playboy's troubles in keeping with the pack in the era of modern pornography. Hef is talking to Brit Richard Branson about selling off Playboy and its holdings to the UK millionare, which makes sense on a couple levels. First, Virgin isn't a sloppy business and has its hands in all kinds of media. Second, have you seen Richard Branson? He's all kinds of hot and dreamy, very much a modern version of the Playboy that Hef was portraying in the 1950s. There had been talks about passing the reins on to Maxim a few years back; if there's anything Playboy can benefit from, it's avoiding the lad's-mag genre.

Hef's Thoughts On Life!

What does Hugh Hefner think about life, the universe, and everything? The Globe and Mail has pulled together a bunch of quotes, giving some insight into the old guy's mind.