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A Hitachi Magic Wand Christmas!

Well, it looks like somebody's gonna have a happy Christmas! If the sexy ladies in your life haven't got one of these yet, buy them a Hitachi Magic Wand for Christmas! I have yet to hear anyone who has had a negative experience with one, and many owners would dump their boyfriend before tossing out their Magic Wand. Christmas shopping time is now - you've only got a week left, what are you waiting for?!

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Bad Gnomes!

What seems to start out as a regular camgirl session reveals a significant gnome infestation. She should really talk to her landlord about it -- if she survived. Everyone knows gnomes are attracted by Hitachi Magic Wands, she should have known better.


Hitachi Magic Wand!

The Hitachi Magic Wand has been the Cadillac of vibrating sex toys for decades, and there's some news about the toy: first, The 2013 Sex Awards has given the Hitachi their "Favorite Sex Toy for Women" award. Duh-freakin'-DUH. But, what I learned from this is that Hitachi is no longer making this epic piece of mankind's innovative spirit. It is now made by a company called Vibratex, and it's just called The Magic Wand and it sounds like they're going to make some improvements. I'm not sure they realize that a lot of women just call it their "Hitachi", and by dropping that from the name they give it the more ungainly part of the name. Eh, I doubt it's going to stop anyone from using it: most women would chose the Hitachi -- sorry -- Magic Wand over their lover if given a chance, and without the slightest hint of ironic or self-deprecating laugh. They take their Hitachi seriously.