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Army Harley!

Now this is a Harley designed for ass-kicking. The MT500 is a military-grade Harley-Davidson, made through the 90s and into the 2000s, and they turn up on the market every so often, like this one that's on eBay right now for a few grand. Honestly, I really like the flat olive drab, and it looks like it fell out of Robotech, which makes geeks like me drool a bit.


Playboy Bike Picks!

So, Playboy, what kind of motorcycle riders do you think your readers are? Guys who want their butt resting on an aborted Decepticon turd. On paper, the motorcycles are powerful and not too shabby in structural respects, but the crotch-rocket is so fucking ugly. The one point of respite is that the top of the page is a Harley, a 1200 Sportster, essentially, but eurostyled with matte-black pipes and a plastic, non-Harley-looking butt. Put a normal Sportster on the list, with some chrome and a classic round fender, and then we can talk.