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One Night Stand Chart!

You know nerds run the internet, because sex-related charts, graphs, and diagrams are everywhere. Here, Maxim - known for being the "home for nerds" - plots out the steps of consummating a one-night stand. What they fail to mention is that, if a guy needs to learn from this chart to get it done, that fucker will never, ever get to the starting point on the flowchart. That is the complicated part. But, hey, we all know the Maxim guys haven't figured that out yet: they got the info for this flowchart from the beginning of Knocked Up.

Sex Talk Chart!

If you're one of those guys who needs a chart to do anything useful, here's the one to get printed on a poster and tape to your ceiling: a venn diagram of how to talk during sex. Good: "Oh God!" Bad: "We're going to hell for this." Good: "ROAR!" Bad: "SOOOWEEEE!". The bad "Thanks" string at the top is awesome, too. Better yet, just read the bad side: for one, it helps more to know what not to say; better yet, find a girl who is turned on by that side of the chart, and you better fucking hold on to that woman forever, you'll never have crazy-ass sex like that ever again.