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Women Like Hookups!

AskMen AskedWomen about hooking up via "dating" apps like Tinder. The result? Sometimes a gal just has to get laid. They make the statement that women's sex drives are just as strong as men's, but women self-report lower sexual activity due to social pressures. Don't worry, ladies, the social tide is turning: anti-slut-shaming movements are making it OK to be satisfied with getting laid whenever you feel like it!


Casual Sex Is Good!

Think casual sex is a bad, bad thing? Not always, says scientists. General knowledge of the fact that lots of people have casual sex, and most grow up to be well-rounded doctors, lawyers, cowgirls, and baristas, would seem to indicate that fucking for fun is generally non-harmful - but this study says that, if done right, casual sex can be positive for self-esteem and satisfaction with life.

Yeah, the study emphasizes "done right", because it can sometimes have a negative effect...but since the 'good' or 'bad' is derived from the situation, and not the sex itself, the critical part is less "how long-term is this relationship?" and more "do I really want to bang this chick on a dirty couch just because I'm the only erect penis available?" Well, I might still lump the second example in "positive sexual experiences", but it doesn't take much to boost my self-esteem. So, ride 'em cowboy, have casual sex but check yourself to make sure it is a positive experience before you get too far into things.

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Move over Grindr, Tinder, Tumblr, and Flickr: there's a new way to figure out where to stick your penis! It's called 3nder, presumably pronounced 'thrrrndr', and it's designed to facilitate having threesomes. They're just building buzz at the moment - you can't download the app just yet - but when it does I'm sure it's going to make finding threesomes much easier than putting ads in Craigslist. This is just another step in the whole niche dating environment that's so hot right now, full of startups connecting unicorns with other unicorns, that simultaneously sound dumb but immediately the feeling changes to "damn, I wish I thought of that..."