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New Rochelle Porn!

Some brazen entrepeneurs have posted signs around college campuses in New Rochelle, NY, asking for people to audition for porn with the promise of $3,000. What, did Craigslist not work for them? Geez, even out here in Minnesota the "Talent" section of Craigslist is full of porn casting calls. Of course, people on campus are shocked -- shocked! -- to find out that anyone would pay money to film a 19-year-old having sex. What's the world coming to? The newscaster actually went so far as to call up the filmmaker, only to find that the voice mailbox was full, but they did get a text back from Hood Bang Video, who apparently posts signs pretty much everywhere on the east coast, although they don't seem to have any internet presence whatsoever. If that's not a sign that something's off with this porn company, I don't know what is.