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Katerina Gets All Foamy

Oh, Katerina: wet, soapy, and sticking a vibrator in your twat is no way to go through life. Er, wait: I think that's a perfectly excellent way to spend your spare time:
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Cassandra's Wet T-Shirt Bath

Alas, yet another hot chick who never learned to take off all her clothes before getting in the bath. It makes me wonder bathing with their cotton panties clinging to their labia is the reason they're so hot. Still, they'll need to peel some of that off in order to properly wash certain areas of attention:

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Bubbles On Busty Barbi's Boobies

Busty Barbi's bouncy bubble bath? Boy, she's got some breasts to bathe, there, babe:

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Pink Hair, White Suds

Yet again, people weren't raised with enough sense to get undressed before getting in the bath...but, I have just one thing to say about this young lady: I hope to god that pink won't wash out of her hair:

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Daria's Sudsy Bath

Oh, a nice hot bubble bath would be so nice: warm water flowing over my skin, smell of the bubbles in the air, wet flesh of a beautiful lady pressed up against me - it's all good:

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Zenia Brushing Teeth In Bath

Zenia is one of those multitaskers: brushing her teeth while bathing. It's not as sexy as you might think, but the rest, well, it makes up for her teethcare:

Lusted Gals In The Bath

Well, hello ladies! I'd like to offer, um...hello? I don't mean to interrupt, but...well, maybe I'll let this go for a while. I'd like to point out, however, that the 'leg over the shoulder' lines up much better for a technique that would be much more effective if I tried it...just let me know when you're ready for it:

Rahkee's Bubbly Bath

Rakhee is an exotic young lady, but even such a fine Indian gal needs to wash up on a regular basis:

Elle's Little Soapy Breasts

Ah, Elle, don't look so pissed; my intentions are completely pure. I'm fan of conserving water, so I'm going to share the bath with you, completely for environmental reasons. Sound good to you? I think you'll enjoy yourself:

Polliana Getting Clean

Polliana doesn't seem to understand the bathtub well. While she's got a hot, steamy bubble bath at her disposal, she tends to just sit on the edge. While I enjoy the view, I think I may have to slip and and show her just how I think her bathtime should be handled:

Bettie Page In The Bath

While we hope Ms. Page has a speedy recovery, here's something to enjoy from her golden days: Bettie Page, being bathed by her fellow harem girls:

Sandy and a Friend in the Bath

Oh, Sandy: she loves to take a bath so much (see also) that she brought a friend with! And, believe me, they had some fun - but you'll have to see it for yourself:

KelyAn Getting Bubbly

Poor KelyAn: short on consonants, hair fried by bleaching, and obviously fake tits. The world is hard on her, but nothing helps her relax like a hot bath:

Wet T-Shirt In The Bath

Sadly, this epidemic is becoming epic: women bathing without removing their clothes. This poor young lady has, sadly, attempted to take a lovely bubble bath, but her thin white t-shirt has gotten all wet. I think this requires a significant amount of study, and I volunteer for the job:

A Divine Bath

Divinity is exactly what she's named: absolutely divine. Now, nothing so pure and beautiful can be allowed to become besmirched with the slightest dirtiness, so she must take a bath, and wash every curve, nook, and cranny, just to be certain she remains so perfectly divine:

Soapy Sandy Summers @ MetArt

Why, Sandy! You're moving up in the world! She took a bath for us on her own site a while back, but now she's shmoozin' with the upper crust over at Met Art. Get all nice and clean, Sandy; those high-class sites are going to dirty you up soon enough:

Cindy's Soapy Bikini Ass

Cindy falls into the old trap of wearing her bikini bottoms into the bathtub. Doesn't she realize they'll cling to her slick, wet ass? The bubble bath suds will only complicate things. She better take them off immediately:

Victoria In The Bath

Ah, Victoria: the bath looks so relaxing, could you use some company? A little backrub, a little soap on the breasts, some busy hands underneath the water - it could be lots of fun!

Emily's Wet T-Shirt Bath

Emily is having some trouble in the bath: she forgot to undress before hopping in the suds. She's in luck, though - I'm perfectly capable of peeling her sopping clothes from her wet skin without any trouble. I'm just that kind of nice guy:

Kylie James' Bathtime Problem

Kylie's got a problem: all she wants to do is relax in the tub, but washing herself is so much work. Lathering up the hair, reaching every bit of her skin from her toes to her nose; it's almost like she needs an assistant to get her all lathered up. I mean, I'm not doing anything right now, if she needs that sort of 'help'...we'll work out the payment arrangements when I'm done:

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