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Upton's Breasts Best!

A recent study by bra manufacturer Triumph says that 34D is the breast size everyone wants - the same size as beautiful Kate Upton. Well duh, who DOESN'T want Kate Upton's boobs, if at least to only enjoy them for a little while? They're some of the only breasts to have their own Facebook account, they are so magnificent.

Fake Porn Store Crime!

Sure, first it's illegal to rob a pornography store, and now they're making it illegal to pretend to rob a pornography store? Which one IS it, prudes? Two women have been arrested for pretending the pornshop was robbed and blaming some guy. Their plan was undone by not having their stories straight, and leaving tire tracks that lead the cops right to you. Nobody ever said you have to be smart to work at a porn store, and in Montana there's apparently no minimum IQ.

Fruit Breasts!

There's a company making tank tops with fruit names across them, in hopes that ladies will help onlookers identify their breast size. Note that, due to the average size of fashion models, they couldn't even find anyone to properly fill out a "melons" shirt. Just watch out for the lady wearing one that says "DURIANS", that means "keep away!"


Boob Hypnosis!

Felix Economakis, clinical psychologist who has participated in vetted and peer-reviewed media such as "Freaky Eaters" and "The Panic Room", has made a bold new claim: using nothing but hypnosis, he can make boobs grow. Economakis believes he can talk directly to the hormone parts of the woman's body and command it to release boob-growing goo. This is all because -- in his words -- the "brain usually keeps a woman's breast from growing." Seriously, ladies: Mr. Economakis wants you to know that, if you're dissatisfied with your breasts, it's all in your head, which isn't exactly the way he put it, but is more true than blaming women's stress levels for breast size. That's crazy. At least Economakis' technique is less destructive than implants or fat injections, because it's less sad to hypnotize a woman into thinking her breasts are bigger than to placate her poor self image with surgery. And now, a video of Mr. Economakis' technique in action: