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Porn Brain!

Porn lovers, there's a problem: your brain is porn-addled. Like anything that causes a dopamine flush, your brain will adapt to prefer that stimulus. May it be cocaine, or porn, or exercise, or skydiving, your brain is messed up on it. Of course, the article makes it sound like porn falls on the cocaine side of the line, but, being a genuine human bodily response to a stimulus that's already built-in, porn is less to blame than the awesomeness of the orgasm. Also, whoever wrote this article seems to think that BDSM and degrading women sexually is something new. My guess is he just found, but never bothered to actually read a Hustler from the 70s. Or any erotic stories from 18th century France. What it comes down to is: if you really, really enjoy something at a carnal level, it's going to modify your dopamine response, which makes your brain look different on a scan, so moderate, people.