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Porn For Bibles!

The University of Texas - San Antonio has one of the bestest campus clubs ever: The Atheist Group is offering to trade bibles for porn. No, the other way around: anyone bringing them a Bible would exchange it for some awesome pornography. The point - one I can't exactly argue against - is that the messages of the religious books have about as much positive impact on society as porn does. Now, there's a lot of levels to this: if you want to say the Bible is as bad as porn, well, I don't think porn is bad at all. If you want to say the Bible is as safe and innocuous as porn, then you're saying Bibles are OK. Now, if you're trading a bad thing for a good thing, I suppose...see, there's a moral dilemma in this - if only there was a book around that told me how to look into my soul and do the right thing. The article says that they weren't sure how many people took the atheists up on their offer, but my guess is they got a bunch of beat-up Gideon's Bibles that somebody stole from the hotel down the street. Now there's a racket for the atheists: leaving porn in hotel rooms instead of bibles. I bet *I* know which one's more appreciated by hotel customers!