Casual Sex Is Good!

Think casual sex is a bad, bad thing? Not always, says scientists. General knowledge of the fact that lots of people have casual sex, and most grow up to be well-rounded doctors, lawyers, cowgirls, and baristas, would seem to indicate that fucking for fun is generally non-harmful - but this study says that, if done right, casual sex can be positive for self-esteem and satisfaction with life.

Yeah, the study emphasizes "done right", because it can sometimes have a negative effect...but since the 'good' or 'bad' is derived from the situation, and not the sex itself, the critical part is less "how long-term is this relationship?" and more "do I really want to bang this chick on a dirty couch just because I'm the only erect penis available?" Well, I might still lump the second example in "positive sexual experiences", but it doesn't take much to boost my self-esteem. So, ride 'em cowboy, have casual sex but check yourself to make sure it is a positive experience before you get too far into things.

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