Eye Handy!

Eye Handy combines two of everyone's favorite things: around-the-house handyman skills, and sexy babes. I think it does an OK job, but I found a number of mistakes in this video.
  1. No safety goggles. I can wave artistic license, but they should at least recommend it. Glass bits are worse than sawdust for eyes.
  2. She should have put a knot in the wire on the inside of the bottle; this prevents the wires from coming loose from the socket if the cord gets yanked. Also, a grommet to protect the cord from the sharp glass edges would be better.
  3. "If the light doesn't turn on, your have the wires backwards"? Wire direction prevents the socket from being 'live' even though the switch is off, lightbulbs light up either way.
  4. No mention of how the socket is mounted to the rest of the lamp; that's asking for the wire to get bent or twisted or otherwise compromised, or at the very least to cause the lampshade to randomly flop over sideways. In fact, nothing is really attached to anything else, aside from the stopper.
  5. They put the shade on underneath the socket; now the bulb is an extra couple inches higher. You can see when they turn it on that the bulb is almost sticking out of the top of the lampshade. That shade had a built-in mount that fits on the top of the light socket...if they bought the right kind of socket.
  6. Where's the light switch? If it's on the socket, the shade placement makes it difficult to get to.
Sorry, Eye Handy - I really want to like your site, but I can see underwear models without getting instructions for building a mildly-dangerous lamp. Hopefully the rest are better.

PS: go watch this for better eyewear, ear protection and glove use.

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