Bad Game Boobs!

Video game company Crytek has a new game called Ryse, taking place in Ancient Rome, but there's something a bit confusing about the ancient Romans: their boobs are apparently affected by forces unknown to man. I suppose this weird boob bouncing seen in the clip below is actually the doing of the Gods, like everything else in ancient Roman videogames. The programmers of Ryse aren't doing nerd-dom any favors by making it appear that they've never seen boobs in motion before. If there's anything 3D artists love it's to have a live example to base their math on - the video game company should have afforded at least a couple hundred bucks to pay a woman to walk around a while, if only to improve office morale rather than making everyone look like idiots by depicting a woman with rubbery detached breasts that have a life of their own.

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