No Frank Sex Talk At School!

Oh, dear, where do I start: Let's say you're a church. Now, let's say somebody's up in arms about frank sexual discussion in a school. Wait - what if these two groups were on opposite sides?!? It totally messed up the paradigm: a Baptist church may have to be kicked out of a school auditorium, because their sexually-themed religious sermons are too much for a gradeschool to tolerate. I'd like to feel schadenfreude over a church getting the butt of the sex-unfriendly policies of schools, but that would overrule my enjoyment of promotion of enjoyable sex between couples - and I'm of the opinion that churches should be allowed to rent school space like anybody else; and, lastly, sex isn't nasty in general, and nobody was being forced to go to church. There's just so much conflicting information, my brain might shut do-

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